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Private Healthcare Referral for an Online Mental Health Assessment

Thinking of booking an online mental health assessment? If you’re feeling unwell or suffering from any ongoing mental health symptoms it’s best to contact your GP first. After discussing your condition, your GP can then decide whether or not you require a referral for further specialist mental health assessment or treatment.

Although your GP feels as though you would benefit from a specialist opinion or mental health treatment, unfortunately, the reality of hospital waiting times could long outweigh your needs. This is where the option to go private could be best. And where One Private Healthcare could step in to help. Book a mental health assessment online, with One Private Healthcare.

Steps to Booking an Online Mental Health Assessment

Private Healthcare Referral Process

If you are willing to pay for your treatment and are seeking the path of private healthcare, you will first require a GP Referral. On request, a GP will write a letter of referral to a private consultant or specialist explaining your condition and your medical history.

Your GP will only refer you to a specialist if they believe that specialist assessment or treatment is necessary. If they do not think it is, they do not have to refer you – either privately or on the NHS.

How does the online mental health assessment – appointment system work?

One Private Healthcare’s online mental health appointment system follows 4 simple stages.

First things first, you must discuss your referral with your GP. Once you have your GP referral the first step is to book an available appointment.

Simply complete our 4 step form to begin your appointment journey. From here you will be contacted with all available appointment options.

Once happy with your appointment arrangements. We will finalise the booking with the consultation payment. The cost of the initial consultation appointment = £220.

Following on from your initial consultation, your assigned specialist will layout a future treatment plan suited to your medical needs.*

*Further appointments required will be charged at £150 per hour.

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    Digital Consultation for Online Mental Health assessment.

    What do you need to complete the digital mental health consultation process?

    All you need to complete the OPH referral journey is:

    • Access to a computer with both internet access and a camera facility.

    The Consultation appointments take place over a skype based platform. This form of online consultation can reduce both waiting and travel time necessary to receive treatment in the traditional NHS system.

    Book an Online Mental Health Assessment - Digital ConsultationBook an Online Mental Health Assessment - Digital Consultation. With One Private Healthcare

    Cost of Private Health Care

    In the same way that patients have rights and responsibilities when using the NHS, they also have privileges and consequences attached to receiving private health care.

    The most obvious consequence of receiving private health care is the cost attached which may be considerable. The costs do not simply cover the doctor’s time but the whole infrastructure supporting the private health service including the provision of staff premises and any investigations or procedures undertaken. Patients are advised to seek full information on all potential costs prior to the start of treatment.

    Referral Process

    Consultants do not normally see new patients privately without a referral from their GP.

    GPs asked to refer patients for private health care will provide a referral letter in a timely manner. However, patients should note that the urgency with which the referral is made is according to medical need only. It is not the practice policy to recommend particular hospitals or consultants and patients should research this carefully prior to making their choice. A list of local private hospitals is given below.

    At a Time that Suits You

    At a Time that Suits You

    This service is suitable for a variety of patients and schedules. This service provides a tailored appointment schedule, perfect for those busy individuals, who require their treatments to fit around their working/life schedules. Or for those who prefer a personalised private medical service at a time that suits their lifestyle.

    No Time Restrictions

    No Time Restrictions

    Stepping away from the bustling waiting rooms of streamlined healthcare, allows each private patient to receive a less time-restricted consultation. Patients get sufficient time with a healthcare specialist and not feel rushed so you can properly discuss your health concerns or illness.

    Perfect Match Treatment

    Perfect Match Treatment

    At One Private Healthcare, we take the time to connect a variety of private healthcare specialists with patients needing treatment. Ensuring each patient is paired with the correct and most suitable healthcare professional for their needs. One Private Healthcare is for anyone looking for help with their wellbeing.

    Quality Care First

    Quality Care First

    We believe you have the right to be provided with the quality care and assistance you would expect. As such One Private Healthcare wants to provide you with the right experts to treat you the best possible way. Patients treatment always comes first.