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Connecting People Healthcare Specialists

One Private Healthcare was born out of the frustration of lack of transparency and confusing pricing structures making it increasingly difficult for patients to find healthcare practitioners that they could trust.

It isn’t much better for the practitioners either, who found that getting paid properly for the work they were doing wasn’t always easy.

The growth of the sharing economy inspired us to think about how that direct person to person model could be applied to healthcare.

Wouldn’t it be great if a patient could find, book and connect with a practitioner speedily?

This service is aimed at busy individuals who would rather fit their medical needs around their busy schedules or for people who prefer personalised private medical services at a time that suits their lifestyle.

You’ll get sufficient time with a healthcare specialist and not feel rushed so you can properly discuss your health concerns or illness.

We connect private healthcare specialists with patients needing treatment. One Private Healthcare is for anyone looking for help with their wellbeing.

We believe you have the right to be provided with the quality care and assistance you would expect and One Private Healthcare wants to provide you with the right experts to treat you the best possible way.

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